Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 State Convention/Mother of Year Luncheon

UP with Motherhood!

Our Utah Association State Convention and Mother of the Year Luncheon was held on February 5, 2011. It was a very UPLIFTING and wonderful event that RAISED our spirits and ELEVATED our determination to be better mothers and grandmothers. Those in charge of the event proved they could RISE to the occasion and make everything just perfect from the decorations to the speakers. It was held at the Maddox Lodge in Perry, Utah which meant that our taste buds were also taken to new HEIGHTS!

The 2011 Utah Mother of the Year candidates
(from L to R) Valerie Whitear, Linda Knavel, Connie Hodson, Martha Richards, Sally Olsen and Marilyn Harris.

The 2011 Utah Young Mother of theYear candidates.
Tresa Cook, Jennilyn Jorgenson, and Emi Edgley.
Notice the cute "UP" characters on the side of them! So cute!

The Cultural Arts contestants and winners also displayed their amazing talents. (Click to enlarge)

Jenneice Beckstrand- President, Jodi Wilding - YMOY Search Chair, Dixie Clifford - MOY Search Chair, Misti Smith - Convention Chair

America's Got Talent's FAB 5 sisters supporting their mother (far right) who was a Mother of the Year candidate. The one in the middle is just a wanna-be!

Great job Jenneice and Misti! All in attendance SOARED to new HEIGHTS!


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