Thursday, March 8, 2012

Capital Hill and The Governor's Mansion

A GREAT day was spent on Capital Hill in the House and the Senate honoring our wonderful mothers!

Lori Conger (Utah 2012 Young Mother of the Year) with Cynthia Richards (Utah 2012 Mother of the Year) being introduced at The Senate

Mother of the Year candidates and Young Mother candidates being introduced at The Senate.
From left to right:  Suzanne Mann, Cheryl Ferrin, Debbie Taylor, Shelly Locke, Cashell Carr, Anastasia Najarian, Lori Conger, and Cynthia Richards

Our wonderful mothers at the capital while waiting to meet Governor Herbert.
Lto R:  Cheryl Ferrin, Debbie Taylor, Shelly Locke, Suzanne Mann, Cynthia Richards, Lori Conger, Cashell Carr, and Anastasia Najarian

Jenneice Beckstrand (AMI Utah President), Jodi Wilding (YMOY Search Chairman), Lori Conger (Utah YMOY 2012), Cynthia Richards (Utah MOY 2012), and Shirley Tong (MOY Search Chairman)

Some members of the State Board
Jenneice Beckstrand, Jodi Wilding, Emi Edgley, Lori Conger, Cynthia Richards, Sally Olsen, Shirley Tong, Deanne Taylor, and Dixie Conger.

AMI Utah Association President Jenneice Beckstrand presenting Governor Gary Herbert with an Honory Mother of the Year Award in honor of his mother who recently passed away last year.

He was deeply touched and expressed his love and adoration for his wonderful mother.  He spoke lovingly about her and her great example and influence on him for a good 20 minutes.  It was a very touching tribute to his mother. 

Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year candidates with Governor Herbert.
L to R: Cheryl Ferrin, Debbie Taylor, Shelly Locke, Suzanne Mann, Governor Herbert, Cynthia Richards, Lori Conger, Cashell Carr, and Anastasia Najarian.

Lori Conger (with husband) and Cynthia Richards (with husband) and Governor Gary Herbert.

Lori Conger's cute family with the Governor

Members of American Mother's and the State Board with the Governor.


High Tea at the Governor's Mansion

After meeting with the Governor on Capital Hill, everyone met at the Governor's Mansion for a High Tea with Utah's First Lady Jeanette Herbert.

Lori Conger and Cynthia Richards were officially named the new Utah Mother and Utah Young Mother of the Year for 2012.

Lori Conger
Utah's 2012 Young Mother of the Year

Cynthia Richards
Utah's 2012 Mother of the Year

Claudene Gordon's amazingly talented (and adorable!) grandchildren provided the music.

First Lady Jeanette Herbert spoke about motherhood.

AMI Utah Association's President Jenneice Beckstrand presented the First Lady with an award from American Mothers for all her work she is doing to promote motherhood and strong families.

A big day for American Mothers!

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