Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cache Valley Mini Conference 2011

It Will All Work Out In the Wash
Cache Valley held their 22nd annual MINI CONFERENCE on Oct. 29th.
It was LOADS of fun and everyone left feeling like they WASHED their troubles down the drain for another year!

The displays were full of fun and creative ideas for mom's to implement in their own families and to help spread more CHEER in the home!

The WASH BOARD BAND was the highlight of the morning!

The speakers were FAB-ulous and everyone went home full of LOADS of ideas to help TIDE them over for another year!

Rosemary Wixom General Primary President of the LDS Church was the keynote speaker!

Our Young Mother of the Year Emi Edgley was there to show her support.

The workshop presenters all did a great job to help us in our endeavor to refrain from becoming BASKET cases!

Everyone enjoyed HANGING out with so many other great mothers and went home feeling re-FRESHED and once again on a NORMAL setting!

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